Greetings from a swanky hotel

Swanky for someone used to choosing what to wear from what’s lying on the floor in the morning, anyway. Here, they make your bed for you!

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t do a Mendacity Monday post yesterday. For that, I can only apologize; I was on the road all morning, on my way to the Washington State LASER Strategic Planning Institute. This year the Institute is taking place in Richland, WA, wich was about a six hour drive for me. Thankfully I didn’t encounter any rank billboards, but still, that’s a long time on the road.

Washington State LASER is an organization comprised of science teachers, school administrators, and professional scientists and engineers, with the goal of helping school districts create inquiry-based science curricula. The Strategic Planning Institute is a week-long seminar of sorts which helps school districts to plan a strategy for adopting inquiry-based teaching. As I will begin my first year of science teaching in the fall, this is all very exciting to me. I feel fortunate to be working in a district that places such a powerful emphasis on inquiry and exploration in science research.

It’s a day late, but now I’ll get to work on a Mendacity Monday (Tuesday?) post.


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