Ken Ham is polluting our nation’s highways

In case anyone is wondering why I didn’t make any posts yesterday, here’s the reason: I was on the road for fourteen hours.  That’s right, I drove nonstop from Montana to Vancouver, BC.  It’s a beautiful ride, with majestic mountains, fertile forests, and whimsical wildlife in view all the way.  But for one blemish, it would have been perfect.  Unfortunately, that one blemish was enough nearly to spoil the whole package.

Here’s the offender:

Right in my native Montana, too. I knew that Ken Ham, from atop his dark tower, had sent his minions of filth and ignorance far abroad, but I never imagined that they had penetrated the fair and fertile lands of the West. The war on science has reached our borders.

(I didn’t have a camera; the image comes from this blog.)

I wish I could afford to buy my own billboard:

On a serious note, it’s obvious what the real billboard above is trying to invoke: Atheists have no morals, because morality comes from God. This is transparently ridiculous to anyone who a) is an atheist, or b) knows an atheist. We all have a moral sense, believers and nonbelievers alike, and this sense of what kinds of actions are permissible and what kinds are not appears to be inborn, even if there is a good deal of cultural variation in which specific actions are considered moral. Further, if our morals came from God, those Christians and Jews among us would still be stoning children for talking back, and forcing rape victims to marry their attackers. It’s pretty clear that wherever our morals may come from, it’s not our respective religions.

The person responsible for the billboard should have known better. That makes him/her a liar. Ken Ham must have endorsed it, so he’s a liar too. “Thou shalt not bear false witness” my ass.


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9 Responses to “Ken Ham is polluting our nation’s highways”

  1. vitaminbook Says:

    Ugh. Thankfully I’ve never seen anything like that in Ireland…I think I’d leave the country as soon as possible if I did.

    I had no idea that Answers in Genesis was putting out billboards.

  2. soulbiscuit Says:

    It took me completely by surprise. I’d seen the obnoxious God billboards around, like this one:

    Don’t make me come down there. – God

    But I’d never seen something so gallingly presumptuous as the one above.

    Well, maybe the “Jesus Christ is Lord in this Valley” billboard I saw a few miles down the highway. Are there really no non-Christians there?

  3. crazyharp81602 Says:

    Such a vile man Ham is. This Truth is, there are scores of instances of people who firmly and sincerely believe that God matters when he/she points gun at his/her target. One can point a gun at the target and still believe that God matters.

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  5. massagesolutionslv Says:

    That billboard is atrocious. It makes the assumption that everyone at the firing end of a gun is an atheist.
    How many Christians have pointed a gun at a non believer and killed for their infidelity?
    Hypocrites. But alas, welcome to America, where freedom of religiion, and the right to advertise it, reigns.

  6. Ducklike Says:

    To see the fallacy in this ad, consider that, if the boy is an atheist, then at least there’s a chance he may be reasoned with before he pulls the trigger. However, if the billboard were to read “If God is telling him to do this, do you have a chance?” then you can consider yourself truly screwed.

  7. soulbiscuit Says:

    However, if the billboard were to read “If God is telling him to do this, do you have a chance?” then you can consider yourself truly screwed.

    I’m very late in saying so, but this is an excellent inversion of the billboard’s reasoning. If someone is utterly convinced of the righteousness of their intended action, it’s nearly impossible to dissuade them.

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