Noah: Captain? Prophet? Hero?

I recently ran across my brother’s new blog. Unlike mine, which is a discombulated blob of whatever happens to be cluttering my head, his has a single premise: that Noah, leader of the only humans dubbed worthy by God of surviving the Flood, is the one true prophet, and the one true savior.

Of course he understands as well as I do that the Flood never happened. If I understand correctly, he’s using the premise of starting a new religion to critique the major religions in place today. For instance, one tenant of “An-arkism” (because Noah built “an ark”) is that God can’t be bothered to answer prayers over every niggling aspect of our lives. (Sounds a lot like one of the Eight I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts.)

One more thing you’ll notice is that he hardly ever updates. Be sure to get on his case about that.

In the spirit of starting one’s own religion, I think I’ve discovered the one true God: entropy. I will now devote my life to worshipping Entropy, and to ensuring that its beautifully chaotic domain increases wherever possible. Pursuant to this, I will no longer be cleaning my room, making my bed, combing my hair, or engaging in any other sinful activity that detracts from the glory of Entropy.


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