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Exercise your right to be offended

September 1, 2008

All of us are constantly bombarded with information. Living as most of us do in places where cultural diversity is the norm, it is all but inevitable that some of this information will cause offense. Christmas lights may delight the person who erected them, and horrify the neighbors. Short skirts, see-through shirts, and other bits of fashion which limit the imagination, delight the eyes of some, and offend the eyes of others. Museum displays on evolution thrill and educate most, and offend the sensibilities of the science-impaired. Every bit of information we encounter has the potential to offend some of us, and so much the better! No founding document of any Western democracy of which I am aware guarantees a right not to be offended. In fact, we enjoy the exact opposite: We have the right to be offended, and we should exercise that right whenever the opportunity presents itself.