The Pentagon has strange advisors these days

I seem to be parroting Pharyngula a lot these days. Do I have original thoughts, or have I fallen simply to regurgitating PZ Myers’ articles like some kind of… article regurgitation machine?

We’ll leave that question for later. Here’s the article, and here’s its source. The news? Ken Ham was invited to speak at a prayer breakfast at the Pentagon.

Ken Ham, the scientifically illiterate fundamentalist whackadoo who befiles our nation’s pristine roadways, is going to give a presentation to the men and women who decide where the missiles go.

Ken Ham, the reality denialist nutcase who poisons children’s minds with Creation Museums and bogus research journals, was invited to speak by those who determine much of the fate of the free world.

The question I’d like answered is “Why?” Is it because so many of the people in power are fundamentalist Evangelicals like Bush? Are they reality denialists too? How can I stop myself from quaking in terror?

The rest of the AiG article goes into how the Bible proves there’s no life on other planets, or something. Glad he got that sorted out. Now all the astronomers and SETI researchers can stop looking! I’m sure they’ll be pleased to find out they’ve been wasting their time.


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