We’ll see him in court

Word to Pharyngula for running this story: John Freshwater, the lovable Ohio high school science teacher who burns crosses into his students’ arms and generally supports evangelism in the public classroom, is being taken to court for violation of the Establishment Clause.

Freshwater is apparently guilty of far more transgressions than a simple cruciform branding. He keeps Bibles in the classroom, not for his own use, he openly teaches his religious beliefs to students, he taught intelligent design as early as 2003, he distributed Bibles to students, including extras so give to other students who were not present, and on and on. Perhaps most galling, a guest speaking at his invitation imparted this little gem to the students: “they should disobey the law to further their own religion, even if it means going to jail.”

These are the actions of an evangelist, not a science teacher. If even half the above allegations are true, this is an open and shut case. Mr. Freshwater violated the Constitution left and right, and by all appearances is proud of it. It is a sad testament to the condition of some school districts that he wasn’t fired years ago.


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2 Responses to “We’ll see him in court”

  1. airtightnoodle Says:

    For every wonderful teacher out there, there are certainly many terrible ones–and some are downright nutjobs. Yes, I’m sure this is true of any occupation in the world, yet if this were corporate America, these people would have been fired long ago.

    It’s amazing to me how some teachers manage to keep their jobs. I know in many states there are teacher shortages, but keeping incompetent teachers just because it’s the best you have doesn’t solve the problem. How about making teaching more attractive and more competitive so you don’t have to hire these people and keep them on?

    Well, that’s my two cents. 😉

  2. soulbiscuit Says:

    How about making teaching more attractive and more competitive so you don’t have to hire these people and keep them on?

    As a science teacher, I agree wholeheartedly. I lived in Vancouver, BC, for about a year and a half, and here teachers make a good deal more than their American counterparts, with many more benefits to boot. There is also a hefty surplus of teachers, something unthinkable in much of the US.

    Seems like a good model to follow. At least, it would be if most school districts didn’t have crippingly tiny budgets.

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