Louisiana Senate sends SB 733 to the governor

The news from Louisiana just keeps getting worse.

SB 733, the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act, has cleared both houses of the state legislature and is on its way to Governor Jindal’s desk. If he signs it, it will become law. If it becomes law, some witless science teacher will present ID as a legitimate theory, the school district will be sued, and millions of dollars will be thrown into the judicial toilet. It’s hard to imagine a worse outcome for public science education.

Thankfully, the Louisiana Coalition for Science hasn’t given up. Their website now bears a press release enumerating their objections to the bill, and information on how to contact Bobby Jindal and make clear your concerns. If enough people e-mail him, he just might veto the bill and save his state the already impending embarassment, ridicule, and litigation. It seems like a long shot to me, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. I’ve already done so.

Please, gentle reader, add your voice to the tumult. The forces of anti-science thrive on our silence, but they will wither when we raise our voices against them.


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2 Responses to “Louisiana Senate sends SB 733 to the governor”

  1. Wayne from Jeremiah Films Says:

    The Video – Louisiana Coalition for Science – is afraid of!

  2. soulbiscuit Says:

    You’re right, man. I’d be afraid of that video too. If a video so full of misrepresentations and canards were presented to my children, I’d have some choice words for the science teacher!

    I may have to devote a post to information theory later. It simply sees too much abuse from creationist wingnuts. Watch this blog if you’re interested!

    The concept of evolution has dominated the thinking of the scientific community for nearly a century and a half, and is taught as “fact” in public schools and educational institutions in America. And yet today, many leading scientists are abandoning a belief in traditional evolution, admitting that no real evidence exists!

    This quote from the blog caught my attention, Wayne, mostly because it’s untrue. There are no “leading scientists” who hold that there is no evidence for evolution. There are a few cranks and wingnuts like Michael Behe, and a few outright liars like Jonathan Wells, but no one who is not a creationist would call them “leading scientists.”

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