Some more on “academic freedom” in Louisiana

Bad Astronomy has an excellent post on the fiasco in Louisiana. It centers around a local news segment on SB 733, in which Barbara Forrest, the pillar of undiluted awesome whose testimony was instrumental in the Dover verdict, and a supporter of creation science are interviewed alongside Senator Nevers, who endorsed the bill. The creationist interviewed, Dominique Magee, claims that evolution is controversial. As the post points out, it is not. There is no serious scientific controversy in evolution, yet the Louisiana legislature found it necessary to flout the state’s education standards by singling out evolution in the bill’s language. Unbelievable.

Whew! Deep breath. There is another excellent video from local news before the bill passed the House, in which Barbara Forrest is interviewed alongside a representative from the LA Family Forum, a religious right organization. Ms. Forrest points out that the LFF has pushed creationism for a decade, and so their motive in endorsing SB 733 is highly suspect. In a telling move, the LFF rep then attacks Ms. Forrest personally. The video must be watched to be believed. There must not be an honest bone in these creationists’ bodies.


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2 Responses to “Some more on “academic freedom” in Louisiana”

  1. Jeff Says:

    A Critique of Barbara Forrest Speaking at Southern Methodist
    Video found at

    EDIT: This comment by Jeff is completely unrelated to my post above, so I have removed it. This seems to be a favorite tactic of creationists around here: spamming blogs to get some airtime for their wacko conspiracy theories.

    Jeff is in luck, however; I’m turning his comment into a full post, in which I’ll be dissecting his argument. Preview: Barbara Forrest is a a primary brand-wielder in the Darwinian Inquisition.

  2. Because I have too much free time « Allusions of Grandeur Says:

    […] I have too much free time By soulbiscuit A fellow named Jeff left a comment on an earlier post of mine, regarding some actions taken by Barbara Forrest of the National Center […]

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