Kids on Chinese playgrounds are more forgiving

According to this article on BBC News (you’d think I was their shill, it’s always BBC News around here!), about 4,000 Chinese babies have been named “Olympic Games” in the past 15 years. At first, I wondered how those children would have fared on the playground, but it turns out that such a name is not so unusual there.

It’s not uncommon for Chinese parents to name their children after important events. Other children have names such as Defend the Nation and Space Travel, and there are nearly 300,000 named “Civilization.” So, with all these names, maybe they’re safe on the playground after all.

Of course, 300,000 out of a billion is a pretty small number, so maybe they’re not so safe in fact. I wonder if there’s a survey in China on name-related violence?


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  1. almoogaz Says:

    the story is good


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