German Hovind Scale Calculator

Forodrim of the forums has posted a German version of the Hovind Scale Calculator. This will be handy for refuting all those German creationists. Here it is.

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4 Responses to “German Hovind Scale Calculator”

  1. hilkman Says:

    Cool – but has any of the Germans reading this actually encountered any creationists? Seems to be something we are reading about, but not actually hearing. But who knows, most idiocies eventually become popular in Germany, too… (however, the German Calculator could use some spelling improvement 🙂

  2. soulbiscuit Says:

    Well, young earth creationism is getting a hold in the UK. Germany may not be far behind…

    If you have feedback on the spelling in the German Calculator, please let me know! I’ll pass it on to the author.

  3. hilkman Says:

    I’d love to, but it is a little much… 😉 maybe he could go over it himself first, as it looks like it hasn’t been proofread by the author himself. Afterwards I’d be happy to help if there is more to do.

  4. Forodrim Says:

    depends on the source, but in germany 12-25% believe in the literal truth of the bible. I had a rather heated discussion in wikipedia with a member of an evangelicalistic church. Luckily they don’t have much political influence.

    @hilkman: I will proofread it later today 🙂
    Feel free to contact me

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