I think we should get a trial separation

Did you like that clever play on “trial” and “separation?”  As in “separation of church and state?”

No? Oh.

Anyway, this week UC Berkeley will be taken to court over a webpage they host that provides resources to teachers of evolution. According to the Pacific Justice Institute, this website contains an egregious crime against the secular government guaranteed by the Constitution, an unspeakable assault on the Wall of Separation erected by the great Thomas Jefferson.

The crime?

They said that most religions don’t have a problem with evolution.

The Pacific Justice Institute holds that this statement is an endorsement of some religions over others, a violation of the US Constitution’s Establishment Clause. Never mind that the statement does not mention any specific religions. Never mind that the context of the statement is that evolution is not incompatible with religion. Never mind that the statement is true. It is a clear violation of religious freedoms, because…

Hmmm. Why is it a violation of religious freedoms?

The whole case is, of course, transparently ridiculous. The fact is that most religions are OK with evolution, and some are not. Those that are not contradict reality. This is indisputable, and there is nothing in the Constitution that would prevent a federally funded institution from telling the truth.


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One Response to “I think we should get a trial separation”

  1. monado Says:

    That one will be tossed out of court so hard it will bounce, just like the student suing her school for exposing her to the “faith” of evolution, or was it the scientific method?

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