Hexpelled: No Wizarding Allowed

As you have probably heard by now, a substitute teacher in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, was let go for practicing Wizardry. To this, I have but one question:

Will the persecution never end?

Discrimination against Wizards (and especially our female counterparts, Witches) goes back all the way to medieval times, of course. In those days, an accusation of wizardry would see you roasted alive. Apparently, things have little improved. Nowadays you won’t be burned for practicing magic, but you will lose your livelihood. All this persecution, all this suppression, simply for practicing the wholly legitimate (and perfectly scientific) field of Magick.

The Pasco County School District should be ashamed of this blatant discrimination against magical folk. Clearly, Jim Piculas has been Hexpelled.

(PS: did anyone notice that, when abbreviated, the town of Land O’Lakes becomes LOL?)


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