Arguing with creationists is a waste of time

ARGH!  I’ve been sucked into that corner of the Internet where reason goes to die: a YouTube comment thread.

This will surprise no one.  Some clown posts a video in which he claims to be better informed than professional scientists, and the other creationists lap it up. I regret linking to it already; some of my comments might not reflect well upon me.


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2 Responses to “Arguing with creationists is a waste of time”

  1. Kristi Collins Says:

    I have to give you credit for watching the whole thing. At 6:19 I couldn’t take him anymore. lol
    I only know one creationist & one IDer. The creationist is a friend (we are both young breast cancer survivors and met through an online group).
    On her webpage she had a post entited Creationism or Evolution? I answered with my opinion on the topic.
    My comment was deleted. Of course all other comments were in favor of creationism & not deleted. We emailed back and forth and I was not rude but wanted to seriously know what she thought of fossils. Her answer was that the dating was wrong. I feel bad for her three girls that she homeschools. ugh.
    She quoted one of her kids saying ‘just because they put of bunch of bones together doesn’t mean its true’..something like that but then she went on to say how everyone should think like her kids and the world would be a better place. She thinks the child’s comment was SO intelligent.

    We went back and forth on things and she brought up the second law of thermodynamics and gave me a few websites to read. She did get angry at a point and said she didn’t want to discuss it anymore. figures.

    She basically thinks evolution is faulty. period.

    So, your is a waste of time but also fun. I wonder if she actually thought about the stuff we talked about. Do they just put it out of their minds? they must. She reads a lot and seems fairly intelligent. That is why its hard to understand how they justify all that nonsense.


  2. soulbiscuit Says:

    We all have our reality filters: the challenge is in learning how to bypass them. YEC’s filter everything through a very restrictive “biblical inerrancy” filter. To them, the Bible is the ultimate truth, and anything that runs counter to it must be false. This reinforces another belief: that humans are God’s chosen creation, the ones for whom all else was made, the ones who will inherit the Earth. This belief is at the center of their identity, and I imagine it must be very difficult to let go of it.

    Keep at her, if she remains friendly to it. I think the only hope we humans have of surviving much longer is getting rid of the notion that we’re somehow special relative to the rest of the life of this planet.

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